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Shazam! Stories from a Life of Spirit-in-Action
Louise Diamond


Dear friends,
I always assumed that toward the end of my life I would write my memoirs. I have indeed had an extraordinary journey, and sharing its highlights with others seems a good way for me to do a life review while also extending the opportunity for others to peek in and take out whatever is relevant for them.

That said, when the time came to write the book, I realized that I didn’t necessarily have the mental attention to actually write. So, with wonderful guidance from professional videographer Paul Gittlesohn, I did my memoirs in the form of a video instead.


You can access the video free of charge on Vimeo, act by act – see links below. Or you can buy a four-DVD set that includes the full Shazam! plus three other videos I’ve made in my lifetime, for $30. Click here to purchase.


I am so pleased to share this gift of my life with you. May it bring you whatever you seek, a few good surprises, and the occasional giggle.

Blessings galore,

Louise Diamond

Shazam! Stories from a Life of Spirt-in-Action

(2 minutes, 22 seconds) – For the children of tomorrow

Prologue (6 min. 19 sec.) – An introduction to this memoir

Act 1
Sunfeather! (15 min. 31 sec.) – The dramatic story of my spiritual awakening; launching my path of service

Act 2
The Sunfeather Prequel (1 hr. 39 min.)

  1. Childhood – Early memories, lessons from my parents
  2. Summer Camp – Where I meet the natural world and steep in Quaker values
  3. Family Heritage – Tracing the family tree from ‘the old country’
  4. Moral Awakening – Who and what influenced a growing conscience about the world around me and my responsibilities in it
  5. World Traveler – Early adventures across Europe and beyond
  6. Professional Development – Skills and experiences that provided critical vehicles for later service

Act 3 In the School of Light (38 min. 40 sec.)

  1. Spiritual Training – Learning from my spiritual teacher and community
  2. Healing Stories – Examples of putting those lessons into practice
  3. The Path of the Heart – Integrating Native and non-Native cultures
  4. The Ministerial Path – Serving others as spiritual friend and guide

Act 4 - Part 1
Part 2

Peace is All There Is (3 hr. 50 min.)

  1. The Inner Preparation – How I overcame my aversion to violence
  2. The Israeli-Palestinian Adventure – Immersing myself in this situation during the Intifada and beyond
  3. Multi-Track Diplomacy and the Tibet Adventure – Co-founding the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy to bring systems thinking to peacebuilding; offering training to the Dalai Lama’s Government-in-exile
  4. The Business Portal and Festering Wounds – Working with business leaders in Asia; reflecting on the India-Pakistan Partition as an open wound still resonating throughout the region and the world
  5. The Cyprus Adventure – Sharing the deep and long-term peacebuilding and systems change efforts in that island and region
  6. The Bosnia Adventure – Stories from the work there after the end of the war
  7. Partnership Adventures – How various partnerships strengthened my peacebuilding activities
  8. Breaking the Heart Open – How I managed to deal with all the suffering I encountered
  9. Adventures in Diversity and Power – Lessons from my work in the Humanitarian and Relief community
  10. The Kenya Adventure – Powerful stories of healing in East Africa
  11. Feeling the Pain of Others – More on developing compassion
  12. The IMTD Legacy – Providing a training ground for future peacebuilders
  13. Building a Culture of Peace – Bringing the peacebuilding lessons back home through The Peace Company
  14. The Spirit of Peace – Connecting with the living presence of peace
  15. Organizational Karma – Describing the many organizations I’ve helped bring into being


Act 5 There is Only One of Us (37 min. 56 sec.)

  1. Bringing Systems Thinking to the Policy Community – Describing my seminal work with systems and policy in Washington DC through Global Systems Initiatives
  2. New Voices, New Visions for National Security – Supporting the next generation of creative thinkers
  3. Systems Thinking and Middle East Peace Talks – Helping State Department officials go below the surface in preparing to lead Israeli-Palestinian talks

Act 6
Holy Mischief (1 hr. 32 min.)
  1. The Cancer Journey – Exploring the blessings and lessons from five rounds of cancer over 40 years
  2. This I Know: My Spiritual Will – Sharing the 12 most important bits of wisdom I’ve gleaned in my lifetime

Act 7
The World You Will Live In (19 min. 18 sec.) – Addressing the next generation: given the challenges and opportunities facing the world, what skills might be useful for you to develop?

(3 min. 14 sec.) – What is Shazam!

louise diamond

Louise Diamond has recently completed a video memoir which is available online free of charge on your left.


Or you can buy a four-DVD set that includes the full Shazam! plus three other videos Louise Diamond has made in her lifetime for $30.